After one year of being ‘buffered from single-motherhood’ by her boyfriend, David, Venetia Summers suddenly finds her life unravelling as he is sent to the Brazilian jungle and she is left alone in Norfolk. As chaos reigns in her home and her three children run wilder than ever she finds her life further complicated by a bad-mouthed green parrot, a burgeoning fashion career designing demented cardigans and her brother’s outrageous wedding. As emails languish unanswered, phone lines cut out and her long-distance relationship proves both vexing and bewildering, life and love take some very unexpected turns.


‘I loved it. I couldn’t put it down ... Raffaella Barker is so good at drawing her characters and making them likeable that within about ten pages you know them intimately and a few pages later you are almost as concerned about them as you are your real friends ... Very, very well done’ Daily Express

‘Very, very funny’ Independent

‘My advice is not to read Summertime in public. You’ll giggle, you’ll snort, you’ll make an exhibition of yourself … I loved Hens Dancing, and this is better yet’ Country Life

‘Summertime is a mood-altering book: as light and bright and optimistic as the days it celebrates’ Polly Sampson, Independent


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