Competitions September 2014

                Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been running a series of Facebook competitions for all you lovely readers! 

Our latest winner was Carolyn Burton-Baddeley, who chose Flash as Best Dressed (or Undressed) Pug, with his subversive yet classy modelling of this beautiful ‘From a Distance’ tea towel. Tyra Banks, eat your heart out.

Bob was of course saddened by this news, but promises to persevere with his dream of becoming Britain’s Best Dressed Dog. So keep your eyes peeled for his future headshots in Puppy Vogue!


(Tea towels are also available to purchase on our Gifts page!) 

Another competition included readers suggesting what kind of 'Ice Cream Personality' they would have. Rightfully so, Donna White won with her flavour combination of orange chocolate and popping candy - the perfect blend of sweetness and sugary surprise! Other tantilising suggestions included: sea salt caramel and lavender, horseradish and honey, chocolate and cheese, and roast peach and amaretti! Congratulations to all who entered, it was mouthwatering to read the submissions! Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be very impressed (ignore Heston Blumenthal. He's just jealous of your originality). 


Lizzie BV was our winner for the 'Come and Tell Me Some Lies' competition - which asked readers to disclose the best (or worst!) lie they'd ever told. Her lie was both genius and courageous, and after all these years most definitely deserved a prize! But wait - oh no, now we seem to have slipped into murky moral waters and can't decide whether western society is innately strucutred to reward dishonesty over clean ethical living, or if it is simply coincidence... Someone call a psychologist, quick!


Head on over to Raffaella's Author Page on Facebook and follow her Twitter account for future competitions! They promise to be colourful! 

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