On a freezing cold night in an unfamiliar city, a man meets a woman. The encounter lasts just moments, they part barely knowing one another’s names, they make no plans to meet again. But both are left breathless.


Five years on they live thousands of miles apart and live totally separate lives, except that they both still think about that night. So when they meet again it seems clear that they will do all they can to try and stay together. But can it be that easy? Will they be able to escape their past? Will they be able to take the risk they know they should?



‘Barker is drawn repeatedly to the wheeling desolation of the Norfolk coast – this vivid evocation leaps off the page, as do the delightful snapshots revealing the hot-breathed collision of family life’ Independent

‘Rich, confident and emotionally convincing’ Sunday Times

‘An insightful, highly readable novel’ Daily Express

‘A modern day Brief Encounter’ Daily Express

‘Both lyrical and real, light and darkly full of yearnings for a profound and lifelong love’ Good Housekeeping

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