Green Grass

Laura Sale has grown tired of her life. Her daily routine of dividing her time between pandering to the demands of her challenging conceptual artist husband, Inigo, and those of their thirteen-year-old twins Dolly and Fred, has taken its toll. She longs to remember what makes her happy. A chance encounter with Guy, her first love, is the catalyst she needs, and she swaps North London for the rural idyll she grew up in. In her new Norfolk home Laura finds herself confronting old ghosts, ferrets, an ungracious goat and a collapsing relationship. As she starts to savour the space she has craved, and takes control of her destiny, Laura finds it lit with possibility.


‘A light touch and a way with words that leaves you gasping ... With laughter as much as anything’ Marie Claire


‘Touching, honest and often very funny ... Art camouflaged by lightness of touch and a seemingly effortless eye for dialogue’ Tatler

‘I love Raffaella Barker’s books – so funny and acerbic’ Maggie O’Farrell

‘She writes beautifully … Combining with apparent ease, emotion and admirable precision’ Independent on Sunday



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